What makes some Dresden Figurines valuable?

There are a few reasons for the difference in prices. Originally, there was more than one company using the "Dresden" name to produce porcelain.

Differences in prices can be attributed to the age of the pieces, the size, the quality of detail, and specific studios that were operating under the Dresden name.

If I were purchasing a piece of Antique Dresden I would be looking for a much more simplistic mark with a light blue hue.

With that being said, your piece has a few things going for it. Although it is hard to accurately gauge the size of a lot of the items sold on sites like ebay it's easy to tell when they are not miniature and if it has 3 figures in it then you canguess how big the scene is going to be. Usually 5" at the base.

Take a look at the quality of details in two specific areas: the faces and the fingers. The fingers on your statue appear to have very poor detail and are quite "blobby" and undefined. Look at the left hand of the lady seated playing the cello. Look at how large the finger next to her pinky appears to be compared to the rest of them. (Side note, I think her middle finger is chipped, examine all of the figures hands closely for chips). If you look at their eyes and the lack of real detail (solid 1 color in their clothes) and compare it to some of the top examples of that sold on eBay, you can see what I am talking about.

I'm not an expert on Dresden or anything, but I deal mainly in antiques. You would really have to ask someone who collects these. When someone collects a thing, they have very specific reasons for it. I think as resellers it's hard for some of us to understand that mindset.

I hope this helps!


The majority of my collectible figurines that I've gotten have been from Arribas Brothers and World of Disney at Downtown Disney, and Crystal Arts.

I have also gotten/received them from Lenox both in store and online. Lenox and the crystal figurines are my favorite.

I always get at least 1 if not more when I visit. Lenox; I tend to buy online or from stores in the mall. They're beautiful and not tacky looking! I only like non tacky figurines. Unless if it's the classic characters I don't buy them. The Jim Shore ones that I have are mainly christmas ones (which aren't tacky or childish at all) and old school characters from one they originated.

Some were passed down from family members. Also, Bradford Exchange has a decent amount but I've never personally ordered anything from there.

I should make it a tradition to buy a new figurine every time I visit Disney as well.

The Swarovski crystal ones are beautiful but sometimes overly gawdy. While I absolutely love the Swarovski figurines but they're a little to rich for my blood besides the small ones anyways.

The Jim Shore ones are really cute and we have a few, but some of them look too childish, and for that reason I feel they are overpriced. I most often see them at the Hallmark Store...I wonder if Hallmark has more of the porcelain ones as well? I'll have to check!

I'd never heard of the Lenox ones before, but now that I've checked them out, they are gorgeous!

I personally tend to favor Lenox and the Arribas crystal figurines.


Items I made in grade school or whatever hold no value to me sentimentally or otherwise. In these specific cases they seem to be a memory for our parents but not us. You don't remember making them, but your parents remember the day. So let them have the fond memory and the sentimental item.

I collect figurines, I love them. They are my hobby, but I know that nobody but me would care if they were gone.

In the collector forums I have had the chance to see these questions often.

Do you really care if you family kept or tossed an item?

My 92 year old mother is constantly giving me things she finds.

I just take it all then donate, recycle it, or put it in the garbage. She will never ask, notice or really care.

I will at some point have to deal with 30 boxes of my mother's hobby. None of which I want.

No one can use or realisiticly store another person's hobby. They will be donated. I don't have to keep my mothers hobby items. It brought her joy but not me. Hopefully some one else can use them. My question to you is would they really be upset or know if you do not keep them? If so then they should keep them.

You are not the designated storage facility unless they are Disney figures then you can give them to me.