What did I do yesterday? I spent the entire morning browsing for a travel set for tea. Excinting? Maybe. Since travel sets are very popular so there are a lot of manufacturers making them. Which is why it took me so long to find one that I liked.

You can find a lot of plain white sets that are very similar, but their quality can vary quite a bit. Even when you get to patterned sets, I've seen dragon-themed sets in yellow and in red that have the same design but are different manufacturers.

Dehua produces the best porcelain in China. It's the second most famous kiln, besides Jingdezhen - which is more popular for hand-painted porcelain. The only problem with that set is the gongdaobei - it will tend to scald your fingers as you use it.

The porcelain is very thin.

Yongli Teathings is a major retailer of tea utensils in China. Their stuff is usually of pretty good quality.

If you want to spend a bit more, my favorite travel set is this slightly larger one from Yunnan Sourcing. Used it at a mountain cabin this past weekend in fact.

It's larger than it looks (about double the size of the other mini travel sets), is extremely well padded, and had a nice pour. It's not truly gongfu cha since it uses a strainer basket but it gives an experience that is surprisingly similar, kind of like an easy-pour gaiwan does.